FOX Eos rods – There has never been a rod this good at this affordable price!

This is a real treasure for all newbies who are just trying their hand at carp fishing, or for those on a very limited budget! The rods have very lightweight blanks with extremely low resin content, Slik guides and 18mm DPS reel seats.

There are two varieties, 12ft and 13ft, 3lb and 3.5b respectively. These are genuine carp rods that have been made under strict FOX quality control and are the most affordable on the global market.

Horizon – These rods are designed for professionals and athletes, as well as those who simply want to have the highest quality products. Each rod is a true work of art.

Possessing amazing performance characteristics, which, when casting, build the blank into a rigid action, and when playing the rod turn into a real “parabolic”, which bends along the entire length and dampens the jerks of the largest fish. The best guides, the best reel seat technologies, the best materials.

All companies, without exception, are extremely sensitive to the flagships of their rod lines and make them simply of the highest class.