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Bite Indicators

Mechanical bite alarm Fox Slik Bobbin is an interesting Slik Clip with new design features. Dual-purpose clamp, with an incredible advantage over a similar Bobbin type. The Slik Clip is designed to fit the main line into the base of the clip, thus securing the Slik Bobbin to your main line without additional sliding.

This significantly increases the sensitivity of the indicator and is especially effective when fishing with sagging line, as it makes it impossible to move the line even the slightest without moving the Bobbin. As soon as there is a forward movement of the line, this will release the line and then stretch freely through the middle section of the Slik Clip.

This means that if the line moves backward under the bite, your Bobbin will still be connected to the line. The only time the indicator will detach from the main line is when you lift the rod off the indicator. Another advantage of the Slik Clip is the fully adjustable tension, which means you can change the diameter of the line without releasing the clamp. In addition, the clamp can be used in a more traditional free-flowing line.

In addition to the Slik Clip, the bobbin comes complete with a 3 “black ball chain, smooth clip and hockey stick.



  • Comes supplied with black Hockey Stick, 3ins Black Ball Chain, Slim Head and a Slik Clip
  • Features our unique Slik bobbin clip which ‘fixes’ to your mainline for far greater bite indication
  • Slik Clip ensures bobbin moves as soon as there is any line movement
  • Ideal for use at short-medium range
  • Perfect for slack and semi-slack lines
  • Line pulls free of clip section on bite then becomes free running through middle recess
  • Can easily be converted using Black Label C.I.S